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一开始你只有一次机会, 选择一所能让你通过国家考试的学校, if NOT, 你需要支付另一个州考试日期的费用, 再等4- 6周再重新学习!

Your “goal” as student is going to be to find the school and program that is going to make it the most convenient for you to study, 给你一个简单的流程, give you the best chance of passing the state exam on the first try and give you the best price for what you receive.


IMPORTANT 你要知道,有时候参加国家考试的人中有近50%的人,第一次考试就失败了.

Why does this happen? 原因二:缺乏学习和低质量的项目

IMPORTANT, 如果你第一次尝试失败, 然后你必须重新安排国家考试,再等4到6周, pay an additional application fee and restudy everything since all the subject matter and vocabulary you had studied is no longer fresh in memory.


We believe with 100% certainty that we have the best program for you to accomplish your GOAL and present a program far superior then any other!

1. The Qualification Courses that are required to complete in order to schedule a testing date to take your state exam are only pre-requisite courses and are not meant to actually prepare you for the state exam.

问题是,这些资格课程教材针对国家考试的信息有限. 有些教科书可能根本没有. The main exception is the Principles Course which has the most information pertinent to the state exam, but even then it would be impossible for a student to decipher what they would need to study and what they would not. Point being, we help save the student countless hours of time by not having then study information that will not be presented on the state exam.

现在来比较一下学校, I would like you to try to find a school that has anything in a booklet form that provides information focused to what’s going to be on the state exam.

你会发现大多数人都没有! Why? We don’t know. Also, many add a Math Handbook (as of just a few years ago questions pertaining to any math presented on the state exam are virtually non existent!)

So now you are left with the qualification course books and their information to use to study (over 1350+ pages of small print).

We are the ONLY school we know of that has created a focused Exam Review Guide (178-page outline form) that has all the information focused to what’s going to be on the state exam and in the major topic areas you will be tested on.

这使得bet36体育官网的项目比其他任何项目都更专注于国家考试, 再加上可以防止bet36体育官网的学生浪费时间学习他们不需要的信息!

2. bet36体育官网完全专注于bet36体育官网销售代理和经纪人考试. You will notice that many of the schools you will find in an online search offer programs in all 50 states and in addition offer programs for Appraisers, Insurance, Contractors licenses, etc.

With that said, How would it be possible for them to focus on any particular state or any one particular career program? It’s probably not!!

Since our focus is 100% towards creating a program to help you pass the California Real Estate State Exam and nothing else, bet36体育官网会给你最好的机会让你在第一次尝试时就放弃! Take note, this has been our specialty since our family started with what may have been the first school approved by the Department of Real Estate in 1941.

3. The Top Instructor, D. Sheldon Schwartz known as “The Professor” has been teaching longer than any real estate instructor in the field.

50多年来,他在全州各地教书, 对学生进行汇报,撰写并更新bet36体育官网所有的项目.

Ask yourself this question, 如果你想学打篮球, 你喜欢迈克尔·乔丹教你还是喜欢高中教练教你? 重点是,bet36体育官网有最好的!

4. Check for yourself, 大多数学校在他们的课程中甚至不提供DVD和/或视频演示.

唐的演讲已经被录像了, so you will get the benefits of both a live classroom situation as well as the repetition by utilizing a home study program.

想想这个过程有多简单, Simply put in the video, 观看并向该州的顶级教练学习. 他还使用了bet36体育官网178页的考试复习指南来教学,所以你可以简单地使用它来跟随.

To accompany our program, Don makes himself personally available by phone to answer all students questions throughout the entire program.

5. bet36体育官网提供更多的学习材料和选择. bet36体育官网来谈谈便利性. 如果你有更多的学习方法, 这样你通过州考试的机会不是更好吗?

Not only do we provide the most complete online study program “POWERPREP ONLINE” ™ we also add the option of adding all the hardcopy materials to the program, such as the DVD, Exam Review Guide, 练习测试和音频CD.

6. bet36体育官网是唯一一所在他们的项目中包含闪电回顾音频/CD的学校

The Lightning Review Audio/CD has the top 80 minutes of the most important information students should review right before their state exam or listen to on the day of the state exam.

7. bet36体育官网有最好的价格和整体价值为您收到的.

bet36体育官网专门研究了在线搜索中最引人注目的学校. bet36体育官网考察了他们的价格、课程内容、教学类型和体验. 然后,bet36体育官网开发了一个定价结构,使bet36体育官网的项目具有最大的价值. bet36体育官网可以选择进一步剥离bet36体育官网的项目,以提供更低的价格, however we wanted to make sure we gave our students everything they need to give them the best opportunity of passing their state exam on the first try. 你也许能找到一个更低的价格, 然而,你也很可能会发现他们的程序的内容少得多. 你会发现bet36体育官网的计划的价格是非常低的,为你实际收到.

8. We have the best support.

如果你有问题或问题, bet36体育官网提供许多获得帮助的方法, 使用bet36体育官网的客户服务, Head Counselor, 首席指导员和实时聊天支持,他可以在需要的时候为你指出正确的方向.

9. bet36体育官网对bet36体育官网的项目充满信心,bet36体育官网提供了无与伦比的保证.

如果学生失败了,这项保证将为bet36体育官网整个项目支付双倍的钱. 这听起来可能很疯狂,但因为bet36体育官网已经开始提供bet36体育官网以前的任何保证, bet36体育官网只发放了很少的退款. bet36体育官网相信那些少数失败的人, 很可能是因为缺乏学习时间, 不幸的是bet36体育官网无法控制.

10. We now offer a new “Unique” and “Exclusive” Program that will give you an added EDGE on passing your state exam.

在提供bet36体育官网的在线准备课程的漫长时间里, many students have mentioned that they felt it would be helpful if they could somehow get an audio version of our Power Review Video so they could listen to it while driving. Our Head Instructor along with our management team decided to take a sampling of some of our students to get their input and it soon became clear that we definitely needed to implement an audio based program. bet36体育官网发现大多数学生都有全职工作, children to care for, daily errands, appointments, weekend activities and a multitude of other tasks that turned out to be so time consuming that it severely limited the time they had available to successfully complete the study process. Our DRIVE & PREP is totally “Unique” and “Exclusive” to our school and our students are now able to preserve their normal lifestyles, 只要现在能够利用通常浪费在驾驶上的时间,用它来准备他们的州考试. The course consists of nearly 13 hours of jammed packed audio information and is currently the only program that allows you to “Study While You Drive”.

So Lets Recap…

  • We provide Information focused to the state exam in the form of a “one of a kind” (178 page Exam Review Guide).
  • bet36体育官网只擅长bet36体育官网销售代理和经纪人的考试,没有别的.
  • bet36体育官网有信心说,bet36体育官网有“加州最好的教练”.
  • We have a program that includes Video/DVD so our students can simply watch and learn from the convenience of their home.
  • We offer more materials and options in our program including the most complete “online” study program.
  • bet36体育官网提供一种独一无二的“闪电复习音频/CD”,你在去国家考试的路上听.
  • Compare our prices with all other schools and you will find you will get the most value for your money.
  • bet36体育官网提供终极保证,如果学生失败,bet36体育官网将退还他们双倍的钱.
  • bet36体育官网为学生提供最多的支持!
  • bet36体育官网提供一个项目,将给你一个重要的“EDGE”通过你的州考试. Drive and Prep!